5 Reasons You Should Hire a Probate Attorney

Working with a probate attorney can help you make sure that the legal aspect of your deceased loved one’s estate is handled smoothly and in accordance with your loved one’s wishes. This can help relieve you of some of the stress that often comes with losing someone close to you, and it can also allow you to focus on making positive memories instead of stressed-out ones. Here are five benefits of working with a probate attorney to ensure your loved one’s wishes are carried out as intended

1) An attorney can manage a complicated estate

People may not realize that probate is essentially court-supervised administration of an estate. When an individual dies without a will, his or her assets must be distributed according to state law.

This can be very time-consuming, particularly when large amounts of assets and property are involved. Probate attorneys know how to navigate through these laws quickly so families can move on with their lives and finalize inheritances more efficiently.

2) An attorney can protect your family from tax consequences and other legal issues

As legal counsel for your deceased loved one, an attorney can help preserve your family’s assets by protecting them from tax consequences or fraud. Most of all, working with an attorney will keep you informed of what to expect during probate so that you can protect yourself and others involved in resolving issues that may arise.

If there are any issues with the distribution of property after your loved one passes away, working with an attorney will ensure that everyone is treated fairly as they come to terms with their grief.

3) An attorney knows probate laws

If you’re dealing with an estate, you want to hire someone who knows how your state’s probate laws work. An attorney will be able to help you sort through everything and ensure that your loved one’s wishes are followed appropriately. Many people just throw their hands up in frustration when they have to go through probate, but working with an attorney can make things much easier.

4) A lawyer will help you make hard decisions

It’s easier to make some decisions than others, and most people try to avoid making them. When there’s a death, what happens to all of that person’s belongings? Who gets what? What should you do with it? It can be difficult if you aren’t sure how to answer these questions, but an experienced probate attorney will help guide you through these tough decisions. A lawyer can also determine if there are any legal obstacles or challenges to your goals.

5) An attorney can guide you through the process

Yes, you can handle it yourself—but you have enough on your plate. Let an attorney guide you through probate, so that your deceased loved one’s estate goes to who it is intended for. The probate process can be confusing; let an expert do it for you.