When to Hire a Private Investigator

Private investigators have a long history of assisting law enforcement, but they also provide valuable services to individuals and businesses every day. While there are many reasons to hire a private investigator, when you should actually do so depends on your personal situation. Here are some of the most common reasons you might want to hire a private investigator, as well as some tips for finding the right one for your needs.

For employees

A private investigator can be hired by an employee if they believe that their boss is committing wrongful acts against them, such as discrimination or harassment. In some cases, both parties will hire investigators to verify what’s being said and determine who is right. For example, after an accusation of sexual harassment at work, it might be necessary for both sides of that dispute to hire a private investigator.

If you are being stalked

If you feel unsafe because someone is following you or sending unwanted text messages or emails, it’s likely time to hire a private investigator. When people aren’t sure whether their suspicion is warranted, they will often ask loved ones for help and advice. In many cases, these loved ones—family members and friends—will be able to recognize warning signs. In these situations, consulting with family and friends can help you decide if hiring an investigator is right for you.

Tracking cheating spouses

If you suspect your partner of cheating, hiring a private investigator may be able to help you prove it. Cheating usually involves deception, so it’s important that any evidence presented is as clear and unambiguous as possible. By hiring an experienced PI, you are ensuring that any evidence gathered will stand up in court if necessary. Only hire a private investigator if you believe your partner is being unfaithful or is at risk of becoming so.

Watching your children after school

Children often get off from school in less-than-ideal situations. These include being with groups of peers, at times when parents are not available, or at locations where they have limited supervision. If you’re worried about your child’s safety after school and think you may need some extra help, contact your local child protective services for advice on finding childcare during school hours that may be more appropriate for your situation.

Protecting your home

Home is where we feel most safe, and protecting it from thieves or intruders should be everyone’s goal. No matter how sure you are that you won’t be targeted, taking these extra steps—especially when you have children or live in an area with a frequent crime—is key to ensuring your family’s safety. Here are some tips on how to protect your home.

For business owners

You might consider hiring a private investigator if you suspect an employee is stealing, or if you have reason to believe your business is being threatened by an outside competitor. If someone sues your company for any reason—even if it’s frivolous—you may also want to hire an investigator. Or, perhaps you are in business with another person or company and need proof that they are doing their job. There are several situations in which consulting a private investigator could be beneficial.